Tuesday, December 12, 2006

It wasn't the beat that had me mad...

...but the comment that was made.

"Great call!"

Great call? No, it wasn't. I say it was a really stupid call. Because you won the hand doesn't mean it was a great call.

That is not how my WPBT Holiday Classic ended. That is how I got crippled.

Let's join the action after my table was broken up. I am put right back into the blinds. Yes, I just paid the blinds and was on the button when I was moved right back into the big blind. Thanks TD!

I was getting short with blinds of 400/800 (I believe that is accurate). When I sit down, I notice 3 stacks much bigger than mine. F-Train has a good stack and has been aggressive. Another guy, Vinnie, was slightly higher than F-Trains. I believe -EV was the third person that I had to worry about.

Enough about that. Let's cut to the chase. I need to make a move somewhere. I think I took down maybe two pots in 4 orbits at this table. In MP, I get 8 8. F-Train raises to 2400. Karol is next to act and thinks for a while. She mucks. Fold and it is to me. I waste little time and push in for around 5100. It goes around the bend to someone I don't know. The girl was in her late 20s, early 30s maybe? Anyway, she goes into the tank. A count is done and apparently she had around 3500. She thinks and thinks and finally calls.

I wasn't expecting that. The way the table had been going there weren't many multi player confrontations going on. People were willing to take a stab at the pot and duke it out against one player. So that surprised me a bit. I mean, I was confident I had F-Train beat preflop and made the move to isolate him.

F-Train now goes into the tank. I like that. I know that I have read him right. A something, probably not even a face card. He goes through the odds and talks himself out of making the call. He showed A 10 when he mucked.

My opponent turned over 6 6.


You called a raise and re-raise with 6 6? Of course a 6 hit the flop and I was crippled. As it turns out, Karol had folded 8 8 and I had no outs to come back with.

It wasn't the beat that bothered me. It was the person who said "Great call!" I wondered why would anyone make the call there? Sure, she was on the short end. But do you want to jam your money in when you most likely have the worst hand? Get in for any chance to be lucky and triple up? I simply would not put my tournament life on the line in that situation.

The logic isn't there for my little brain I guess.

Yet, someone said "Great call!" I don't want that person in my corner coaching me. "Hey you got your money with just an 18% chance to win. Great call!"

How about "Man, did you get lucky!" or "Nice suckout!"

If Derek would have been around, I could have made a scene just so he could enjoy it.


F-Train said...

From my perspective, I was confident that I was racing you, but when Toby came in (she was short, as I recall) I had to seriously consider that: (a) one of my aces was dead; (b) I was probably outkicked as well; and (c) what kind of price the pot was laying me for a shot to more than double up and really build up a stack to wield.

I know many people let go of AT in a heartbeat there, but I felt it was important to consider my price and a chance to accumulate a big stack, while also considering the likely range of holdings I was up against, before folding. Especially since the blinds were doubling at every level.

Pauly said...

Sore loser.

StB said...

I thought you were calling for sure. Especially after you figured out your odds.

Toby Leah said...

3 points:

1) I was in the big blind, so I already in for 800 + 100 ante with only 2700 left. I had been card dead for a while and 66 was by far the best hand I had seen.

2) I obviously did not think you had 88. I was thinking of overcards.

3) I don't believe I said "Thanks!" to the great call comment, I believe I said something like "Well...." and then "sorry" to you, which I now take back. Ftrain would have caught a 10 anyway on the board and knocked you out completely on that hand.


DrChako said...

You sure you aren't Slb?