Saturday, December 30, 2006

How long will it take to clear this bonus?

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With the number of sites that accept American players diminished, the bonus offers seem to be going away as well. PokerStars just offered an end of the year bonus of 25%. I moved some money over to take advantage of it. I also began to wonder how long it might take me to clear it.

Well, the people at Compatible Poker have a a tool that will help. Compatible Poker is a site targeting Mac and Linus systems. They have a comprehensive list of all sites that are currently offering games for the non-Windows player. They even have a Java listing for those who don't want to download software.

But it is their bonus calculator that I liked. It will tell you how many hours you can expect it to take to clear the bonus. If I 2 table the 3/6 at PStars, it will take me about 10 hours. If I switch to no limit- which I have been dabbling in lately to little success- it will take just a tad longer. You can enter any poker room, the stakes and how many tables you will be playing to determine how many hours of play you will need to clear that bonus.

With pages showing which sites are still accepting U.S. players and payment methods, Compatible Poker is more than just info on where to play with a Mac.

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