Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Mergers and Acquisitions

Interesting things happening in the poker blog world. Linda over at PokerWorks is taking her cues from the business world and acquiring herself some of the best talent on the web. Table Tango has always been one of the best reads on poker and now the rest of the site just got even better.

Starting off the year in their new homes are:
Joe Speaker
Change 100

Congrats on the new digs and gigs.

I wonder if the boys at UpForPoker will start playing Monopoly and sign up some talent? I wonder if I will play a bit more and actually talk about it.

I did play some triple draw over the weekend. Donked off chips to Maigrey like a madman at times. It wasn't until Sunday morning that I realized the leak in my game. Too aggressive early with non-pat hands. I was overly aggressive in one session and was stuck $80 in 10 minutes. having the second nut lose to the nuts hurt, but I was betting out and not making my hands. I changed gears, slowed down and did much better turning a nice profit over the next half hour.

There is more TD on the horizon as I enjoy the change of pace from hold em. But my poker ADD will sprout again soon and I will move on to the next game of the day. If I had half a brain, I would realize that I play more HORSE. The games change as much as my interest in each does so that would seem the perfect spot.

We will see how that works.

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Joe Speaker said...

Thanks, man. As I'm in your debt for the link, I'll root for the Cowboys for a half this weekend.