Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Miniature HORSE

Played some HORSE tonight. Maigrey let me know a $5 HORSE tourney was about to start on Full Tilt so I figured it would get me some good practice at small price. It would also help me exercise some patience; a discipline of mine that has been lacking when playing poker lately.

During the first session, I took my time, playing only the hands I liked. Sound simple enough, huh? To be more specific, I was watching all the raising going on early in hands. If my hand was ok to see a flop but not strong, I would wait. If I tried to see a flop cheaply just to see it raised twice behind me, I would fold instead of calling like the other 4 people in the pot would do. When I had a hand, I hit it hard. With 5 people in the pot, it was easy to trap people between bettors.

By playing such a simple strategy, I found myself leading at the first break with 5512. A straight in Stud hi/lo got me a scoop and vaulted me to the top. Now the trick was to continue to be patient and let the players fall aside. Only 15 of 74 were eliminated in the first round. This was far from over.

I got sloppy in the second session by playing too many O8 hands. But I clamped it back down. I got a full house in stud to push me back to the top but then lost a huge pot with another full house in Stud hi/lo. That one hurt. Just about put me on tilt. On the next hand I found myself all in with 5678x and with two cards to come, both flush and straight draws. I was shocked when my 8 low was good for half the pot.

Then the Mookie started and I had to balance the two of them. It wasn't hard at first. I was card dead in the HORSE tourney and the Mook was still in the feel out stage. Thus I played exactly one hold em hand during the rotation. Raised with A 5 on the button and got the blinds. That made it easier to listen to Waffle rant on about basically nothing.

Then O8 hit and I went down fast. Nut draws that just did not hit. Again and again. Probably shouldn't have been chasing but if I hit any of those pots, I am in a great spot. Ironically at the second break of the HORSE tourney, I am in last place. First to worst.

Meanwhile at the Mook, I bluffed at a decent size pot to get above 2000. Then stole the blinds with the big lick. Then missed an OESD and was right back where I started. I don't mind that too much as I am confident I can usually build right back up. Afterall, it isn't a huge drop to begin with.

Meanwhile, I go for it in Razz and manage to get a full house! Ain't that a kick in the ass! Done at 20. Four out of the money which would have earned me a whole nickel.

Back at the Mook, I was finally getting a read on the table when I got moved. I had just slow played A A and A K to get up to 2500. I folded and folded til I got A A in the SB. There were 3 limper so I popped it to 500 (50/100). Get one caller. Flop is J high. He pushes. Of course I instacalled. He shows K J. Huh? Turn is a 9 but he spikes a K on the river. Mother F&@$#&!!!!

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