Sunday, January 28, 2007

WPBT- A new season

A new season of the WPBT player series started tonight. With some good success last year, I was hoping to somehow make a good run at it again this year. Though my play sucked throughout the weekend, I still had to play no matter how bad I was running.

I had an interesting table to start. There were more names that I did not recognize compared to those I did. Hoyazo, Fuel55, and Irongirl have played in a number of the other tournies. But who were these other people? bayne_s, Papi Justify, Patchmaster, ThePokerRules, and BuddyDank. No clue. That would make play just that much more interesting to start I guess.

I take a quick lead with the first hand. I get 9 9 UTG and I raise it up. Get one caller. Flop is 10 10 3. I like that and bet. Turn is a 10. I bet again and get called. I am fearing J J at this point but feel it isn't likely. The river is a 6. I play it safe and check. It is checked behind me as well. My 9s are good. Turns out he had 8 8. Yeah, probably should have tossed a value bet on the river but I didn't want to go out on the first hand.

Later I would try to jam the JackHammer though but the A on the flop was good. I made a continuation bet but the call told me Irongirl had one so I knew it was check time. Sure enough, A Q. Surprised she never did bet at the pot. Time for me to slow down a bit.

I get big slick a couple hands later. Guy on my right raises and I decide to just call. Flop isn't good though. Q Q 6, two spades. I toss it when he makes a continuation bet of 300.

But I chip up nicely against Fuel. With A Q in the small blind, I just call his bet. Flop is A A K. I go with a check raise on his continuation bet. He may have the case A but I am certain he does not have A K for the boat. I bet the turn when a 3 hits. When an 8 comes on the river, I am hoping he didn't get lucky and catch on his A. I bet about a third of the pot. My Q is good over his 5!

Tens are next but no action. With K J suited, I raise it up because the table is feeling a bit tight. I do get a caller though from the BB. Flop is A K x. Ugh. It gets worse when he bets out. But it doesn't seem right. I raise him, figuring he may have a K or a small kicker for his ace. Thankfully he folds right away.

I then dump half of my chips. I raised with K Q. There is a re-raise. I think a bit and call. Flop is K high. My opponent bets 900 into a 1300 pot. I feel he may have J J or Q Q. A K is a possibility but I don't think so. So I re-raise to put him all in. He shows A A. Ah..forgot that possibility. I take a hit. Lose some more when I call the maniac raiser on my right with J 10 clubs. Flop gives me an open ended straight and a flush draw. I just call his bet. Should have raised. I fold when a 4 of hearts his the turn and he pushes. Damn I hate it when I misplay a hand.

I finally get a chance to eliminate the guy on my right. I call his push of 415 with A J. Turns out he has A J as well. But suited. Of course, he gets the flush. This is getting worse by the minute.

After the break, I realize I am at the bottom. I figure I should kick it up a notch. Raise with A $ suited and get the blinds. Try again with 8 8. But this time Otis calls. Damn. But then the chip leader bumps it to 1200. Those 8s are pretty tiny now. I drop 420 chips that I cannot afford to really lose. I am now in push mode.

Suddenly I get a good spot. I have A Q suited in the BB. The button goes for a steal. Biggestron calls from the SB. I push all in for my remaining 1510. The button folds, but Big calls and shows....A J! No! I hate that hand. It always beats me. Always. Flop comes K Q J. Looks good so far. Turn is a heart giving me a flush draw as well. But the river spikes a J and I am out.

Gone at 42. Not totally happy with how I played. Should not have called that re-raise with K Q early on. That hurt. Smarter play would most likely still have me in the game. Oh well, there is always next time.


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Chilly said...

That is the best comment spam ever!!!1

iamhoff said...

Wow! All that "gods descending" and "punishment" stuff makes me think I'm back in some 80's death metal experience with Al Can't Hang. Classic comment. How do you get these people to read your blog? I want comments like that!