Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Bad draws

In case you are not keeping up to date with Pauly and the Aussie Millions, go check out the video. They look like they are going to call some professional wrestling for us. I could have sworn they would be go up to the ring for the next match.

I also can't help but try to find some of this James Boag's that he keeps talking about. I have to try this brew.

I had a horrible weekend at the TD tables. I may have made some loose plays, but overall I couldn't make a draw to save my life. Knowing people would stay in, I changed my betting patterns and slowed down, sped up, tried to get people to fold. Instead they would draw two and beat my 8 6. I would start with 2 3 4 5 and proceed to either pair up, draw a face, or complete a straight.

All along watching people stay pat with a 10.

Now, I don't proclaim to be a good TD player, but I think I understand the basics and can play better than most of the people at the table. There are times you know you are good until that last draw. The cards just go against you.

On the other hand, I am running well at the limit tables (3/6).

I will have to look at what this really means over the next couple of days. Until then, I think I will take a good luck at the Daily Double over at Full Tilt. Interesting concept I must say.

Also, I think that listening to something I have seen described as "German Folk Metal" and "Viking Metal" can help one play better. In Extremo. Sure I don't have a clue what they are singing unless I look it up, but the music rocks. The song Spielmannsfluch is pretty good. Especially when the bag pipes kick in.

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