Monday, January 08, 2007

Stuck, unstuck, and stuck again

Triple draw is like that hot girl you know at the bar. She flirts with you, makes you feel good, and you buy her drinks. The conversation goes well and you think you are going to score. Then some ass walks in, gets her attention and she is gone. Out the door. You are left with half of the money you had and wondering if your game sucks.

You see her the next day and go through the whole routine again. This time, however, some ass doesn't come in, you spend more time with her and get a number. You think you know her. You think it is a sure thing, that you will see her again tomorrow and you will be a winner.

But tomorrow comes and she walks in with another guy. You try to move in and buy some drinks, but she is cold. You get no where and are left scratching your head again.

I felt that way playing TD on Saturday. I was playing 2/4 and 3/6. My notes show me doing very well at 2/4. 3/6 is a slightly different story. Good session followed by bad session. I made a bit on the 2/4 table after being stuck. 3/6 had me bouncing all over the place. It was tougher because the cards I were getting stunk. Lots of paint. I felt I was in a virtual Louvre. I would get myself in a bad spot when I wouldn't hit a good draw after raising and leading out. Of course some guy would keep drawing and catch. It was frustrating but I wasn't allowing it to tilt me.

I thought I would make it all back and then some when an extremely aggressive player sat down. Raised pretty much every hand, even when drawing 4. Even on the hands where he wasn't the aggressor, he would bet as soon as he smelled weakness as the bettor stopped. Funny thing though, he kept making hands. Draw 4, then 1, stand pat. Show a 7 and win. Show an 8 and win. Win with 22. Again and again.

I tried to play my game. I thought I had him caught. Raised it pre flop, drew 1 and stayed on an 8 6. He kept drawing two all the way to last draw. Drew two cards, raised my bet and showed 7 6.

After swearing up a storm, I logged out. I was down about $80 at that point after being unstuck for the same amount a half hour earlier. I thought about how I had played and was content. Didn't make any loose stupid calls or draws. Just didn't get some good cards for orbits at at time. That is how that game goes.

But how can someone keep drawing two to the end? Seems like suicide. Or maybe it just seems that I don't hit.


Buffalo66 said...

I picked up Amarillo Slim's "Play Poker To Win" at for $2. There was a pretty decent section on lowball in there. You might want to give it a look.

wiskyvi said...

Just pray that person doesn't go broke before you get more hours in the game against them.