Wednesday, January 24, 2007


I had some fun in the WWdN last night. Made the final table, but went out in 9th. I made a bad play but am not overly upset with it. Took a chance putting my money in when I knew I was behind and going to be called and it didn't pay off.

Wondering if anyone else would play it the same way. I believe I was in 7th at the time with only 5 places paying off. Chip count was around 4.8k or so, blinds 100/200/25. UTG+2, I have 10 10. I raise to 750. MP re-raises to 2400.

I thought for a while. My gut told me I was behind to a bigger pair, but because he was a bigger stack, he may have been making a play at it. It was only the 4th or 5th hand at the final table and I had no read on his style of play. My decision was simple. Do I want to gamble. If I call, I am basically committed. I would have about 1700 left and would be playing push poker. With the payout limited, I also realized I need to make a move to ensure I would cash.

In the end, I decided to gamble and called. Flop was K Q J. Not quite the flop I wanted to see. I now know I am behind to a set, two pair at the very least, but I highly doubt it. With 1700 behind, I figure I have to push and get lucky to catch 1 of 8 outs and fill the straight. My opponent calls showing K K. I don't catch and go home.

For once I wasn't unhappy about this play. I don't like getting in when I am behind. This time though, I knew I was behind and was willing to gamble. Curious to know if anyone else would have gambled here or just folded to the pre-flop re-raise.

Forgot to mention Pauly's travels yesterday. Well worth reading.

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Chilly said...

you put your money in twice while behind.

you called preflop.

You open raised/called off 50% of your stack. You have to shove or fold to the raise.

I think I would have shoved pre-flop.