Friday, January 05, 2007

Now the grub has been caught

Eastside meets Westside downtown.
No time, no line, the walls fall down.
Can't you feel it coming? EMPIRE!

I see Grubby is the latest to be snared by Pokerworks. The empire gets bigger. Good to see another great writer getting his due.

I took my first bad TD session yesterday. I say bad because it wasn't me donking off. It was me losing to just slightly better hands. 86 losing to 85. 76 losing to 75. At least I was ramming and jamming to the end. I think the hand that killed me the most was both me and my opponent drawing one all the way to the end. We both checked the river (is is a river in TD?), and my 98 lost to his 97. I doubt he was drawing to a 9 so we likely both caught the 9 on the last card.

The bright side is I am not making a lot bad decisions like I was. More selective on starting hands, and I believe more importantly, when to bet when still drawing. While I am in no position to call some players bad at this game, I can spot those that are terrible. That I like.


1st Poker Rule said...

Anyone know what these guys are getting for switching to poker works??

StB said...

That is between Linda and the bloggers. Not our business to know.