Sunday, January 14, 2007

Smoker, Take 2

I developed quite a strategy last night. I am thinking with some practise, I could write a book. With the way the tournament was unfolding, making the money was a distant possibility. As long as I stayed disciplined to my strategy, it would happen.

I call it Table Changing Your Way to the Final Table.

My cards were beyond sucking. I folded for close to 2 hours before I won a hand. Seeing that I was going to be short, I knew I would have to find a spot and push.

With the blinds coming, I felt screwed. But then the TD threw some cards down.

Table change!

I drew my spot, table 7, seat 5. I sat down on the button. Sweet! I get another round. With the suckage of the cards hitting a new high, I folded for an orbit. Blinds were hitting me again.

But wait, the TD walks up again and throw cards down again. Yes!

I draw table 6, seat 8. Hmm...I notice the pattern here. I started table 8 and keep getting moved. Don't need to be a rocket scientist to know this table will be broken next.

I sit down ON THE BUTTON AGAIN! Yes! Short stack gets a free orbit!

I realized that if I get drawing the next sequenced table and moved in on the button, I could make the money and the final table! A strategy no sane person had ever thought of. Sure, people can fold their way to the money, but I was going to table change my way to a payday.

Alas, that got screwed up when I was moved to table 2, skipping 3,4, and 5 completely. It will take another day and another tournament to perfect a strategy that can take over the poker world in 2007.

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