Saturday, January 13, 2007

Smoker, Take 1

7:00: Cards are in the air.
7:40: Food. Polish, Slovenian, and Hot Croatian sausages. With sauerkraut and green beans.
8:45: Table change.
8:55: I win my first pot. With A Ko in the BB (100/200), I move all in on 3 limpers. No one calls.
9:00: Table change.
9:10: Table change.
9:20: I win my second pot. Blinds are 200/400, I have 1000 left. UTG+2, I see K J diamonds and decide now is as good as any time to push. Worse comes to worse, I can sit back and drink beer. Flop the nut straight. Just need to avoid the flush potential. Then need to avoid the full house. Straight holds up and suddenly I have 4900. I notice 2 hands later that I was shortchanged a black chip on the pot.
9:25: I steal the blinds! Hey, I finally had a chance to do so and one can destroy this tournament by stealing at this stage.
9:40 Push with 10 10. Loose guy in big blind calls with K J. I double up and now can make a move to the final table.
9:45: Win six pack of beer.
10:00: Win third pot. With A Q in the BB, I call the short stack's push for another 1500. He has 8 8. A hits the turn, Q on the river. "I hope I never see you again" he says as he leaves the table. Had played with this guy at two other tables. Every time I dealt, he had a good hand cracked and lost big pots. Collect $10 bounty.
10:25: I lose a big pot, crippling me. Blinds are 1000/2000. Friend of mine pushes from MP. I have A Q in the BB. I know him pretty well and figure he has just an A, nothing big. I call leave just 1000 behind. Sure enough, he has A J. I immediately tell him I will lose this pot. A J always beats my A Q. Yep, J on the flop. Not a shock.
10:30: I am out in 13th place. I was all in by posting the SB. Don't look at my cards as two other guys battle it out. One guy gets a straight from the BB with 4 2. Guy is a prick, too serious. I turn over K 6. Two pair. I get my buy in back.

3 1/2 hours, get buy in back and "donation" to church back in form of a bounty. Also win 6 pack of Lite. I am ahead for live play in 2007.

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Bloody P said...


Sorry I didn't get back to you last night. My cell phone was on "silent" after my last meeting and I forgot to put it back to normal.

D'oh! Figured you didn't get my email.

I'm in for the next one, for sure.

Also, if you feel like a drive, there's a pretty big game up here in the Hinterlands (the sheriff looks the other way). 20+ guys and really soft play.