Friday, February 02, 2007

Sportsbook isn't worth it

Like many others, I received a disc from announcing their new poker room. Apparently if you had an account at Paradise Poker, you received a disc. They were offering any where from $10 to $100 free, no deposit required. All you had to do was load the software, establish an account, and enter the code from your mail.

Easier said than done. Everything loaded ok, but I had some minor issues opening the account. It didn't want to take any info. Once I got it to work, I tried entering the code for the cash. I waited and waited, but the server wasn't working.

So I tried again the next night. This time it worked, but it didn't tell me how much I had been rewarded. Neither the poker account nor the sportsbook showed a balance. WTF?

On the third night, I logged in just to see if something had been updated. I hadn't received any notification email of any money being put in the account. Thus I was surprised to see $20. Well, better than nothing I thought. I figured I would try and bump that up for a MTT SnG. I found a $5 table and signed up. Nothing happened. Then the tournament started without me. Ok, guess I didn't get registered in time. Let's try again.

The second time I did get a confirmation saying I was registered in the tournament. But once again, it started without me. Huh? I check the tournament lobby for my name. Nope, wasn't there. It said I was in, but it won't let me play. Ah screw it.

So then I try to log out and now it won't let me. I get a message saying I have registered for one or more SnGs. Please unregister before signing out. I click on the "My tournament registration" button on the main screen and it come up blank. WTF? Still the software will not let me leave. Now it is beginning to piss me off.

So I try their live help. More like dead help. It take a couple minutes for someone to respond. I explain the situation to "Graham". It takes me another couple minutes to acknowledge I am out there. He then gives instruction pertaining to clearing out my browsers cache. I begin to wonder why that would have an effect on the poker software, but do it anyway. Of course nothing changed. I ask Graham why I would use the browser to make a change in their software. No response. Nice.

Finally after a couple minutes, Graham is back on saying they will have to look at it and will email me with notes on what they have found out.

So basically, the Sportsbook poker room is dead to me. I took the $20 and put in on the Colts in the Super Bowl. When I win I will see how many times I can double it up until I can either withdraw or lose it. One thing I do know, I won't be playing any poker on their site.


TripJax said...

I got the same disc...thanks for the warning...

Drizztdj said...

I've been using for years, the poker site is internal and brand new.

Just play the casino games and try to make something worth (attempting) to cash out.

I've had a pending cash-out via check for almost 3 weeks (in the past one week, tops even for small checks).