Friday, February 16, 2007

What rock garden?

With all that is happening in the online poker world, players are bemoaning many different ideas on how things are going to be different. One that pops up a lot is "the games are going to be like rock gardens, with the same people trading money back and forth."

When I read this, I think how short sighted people are. Apparently they think the poker market has been tapped out. That either there are no new players left in the world or just Americans suck at the games and with them gone, so is the "easy" money.

Simply put, that hasn't been my experience. Though I am a recreational player- maybe playing 2 hours, 4-5 nights a week, I keep seeing all kinds of not so good players in the 3/6 limit games on Stars. I have not seen the game get any tougher on that level, though maybe it is on higher levels or no limit.

What I have seen is more European players at the tables. And Asians are sprouting up as well. This gives credence to some of the moves by the poker sites to pull out of the US. I own shares of Cryptologic. They moved their headquarter from Canada to Ireland last year. One major reason was to get closer to their player base in Europe. The other was to establish partnerships in China. They said that is where the true growth was going to come from. Even though it is early in the game, that appears to be what is happening.

Thus, I am not worrying about any rock gardens any time soon.

Here is another thought. Why not play another game? Back in December, I started playing Triple Draw. Working off of just the basics and picking the brain of Garth at times, I have attained enough of the game to be profitable so far at 3/6. Here is a garden with rich soil, very few rocks. Players are willing to chase to the last draw just about all the time. Or they will draw one and stay pat on a 10 for the last two draws. Or call down with a J low. Some think they can bully you by betting all the time. I love check raising these guys. Usually an 8 is good enough to win against them. A 7 is pure gold. There is money to be made for patient players.

Playing TD alongside HE keeps me going right now. Plus it is easier to rack up VPP points on Stars or clear applicable bonuses.

To me, the choice is simple. Keep bitching and moaning about the fishing hole being dried up, or pick your line up and go where the fish still bite.


Buffalo66 said...

And how many hands have you played on Crypto sites lately?

I'd love to be able to play against that growing Chinese market... But where?

Stars traffic has been steady after a 15% dropoff. If they lose epassporte or don't introduce new deposit methods it will get bad.

I've been sticking to tourneys myself.

StB said...

The Crypto comment is an indication of where the industry is getting their growth in the short term. Stars and FTP are most likely going after the market as well. As I said, I am noticing more European players at the tables on Stars as well as Asian.

New deposit methods won't affect other nationalities from playing. Just means you need to be smarter with the money you have on the sites.

Maigrey said...

p.s. it was me with the life tilt.