Monday, February 12, 2007

Drowned at the river by a HORSE

I may a decent run in the Riverchasers HORSE tournament yesterday. I think it was 32 runners in the beginning. I ended up 6th, two spots out of the money.

Not too shabby, but I knew that my flush in O8 was no good. With a small stack, I had to take the chance with a bet and ran into the nut flush.

I did find it amusing how many people were bitching about other player's game. Yes, there were some pretty horrible plays being made, but I don't think it is right to complain and berate someone for it (Yes Derek, I said it. Sore losers are allowed to!). But that is what happened. I believe I was told I sucked after I busted someone out. His proof was a hand he wasn't even involved in.

Here is the scene. We are in the H round with about 15 players left. I have A 8 diamonds UTG. My cards have sucked and I am mid range in chips. I believe blind are either 400/800 or 600/1200. So I raised UTG hoping that I can portray a strong hand and capture the blinds. But the BB calls. Flop is K Q J, rainbow. My opponent bets out. I have the straight draw and decide to just call. Turn is a rag. My opponent bets again. I put him on at least a king, probably two pair, but I need to see where I truly am. I decide to show strength and raise. After all, I raised UTG. With 3 face cards on the board, I can make him think I have flopped a set. It appears to work as he goes into the tank. He calls. The river is a nice 10 giving me the nuts. I bet and he calls. Yes, I got very lucky on the river. If he had re-raised me on the turn, I would have had to fold as my chip count would have taken a serious blow. I also check or fold on the river to any bet if I missed.

I can understand why the guy called me a terrible player with that move. Without knowing the thought process of your opponent, many moves can look awful unless you understand why they are making such a bet, or what their desired result is. My bet was intended to scream that I had a set. Instead I hit one of my outs for a straight. But I do believe it got my opponent to thinking. Don't think he would have folded to a river bet if I had missed, but it confused him. And isn't that what we are sometimes looking for when playing poker, deception?


Chilly said...

No, you suck.

Anonymous said...

I like your play. You tried to win the hand. I think that is the goal in poker.