Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Another Tuesday

Not much to talk about from last night. Went out 18th in the WWdN. Felt the cards weren't really coming to me. Thus, I was not shocked when my K K went down to A K. I had the feeling of dread hit when I saw the A in my opponent's hand. I knew I was going to lose that hand. Such is the game. But I felt I played well. There was one hand I should have been a tad more aggressive with but I don't think it would have mattered in the outcome.

I ran two tables of Triple Draw before playing the tournament. On one table, I could do no wrong, hitting good hands early and getting paid off. On the other, I had a sucker all lined up, but couldn't take advantage. Each time he would suck out on me. Call two bets and draw 3 0r 4. Was usually drawing two on the last pull as well. But my 7 6 5 would go down to 7 6 4. When that happened twice and two big pots slid away from me, I knew it was time to leave that table.

Ever have that happen? You play well, but you are always catching second best hand. Like the table is cursed.

At least I was able to peg 3 more players to sit down and play TD with. Nice to really enjoy playing the game- even with the frustrating moments- and make some money.

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