Thursday, March 01, 2007

Too busy drinking to play

I was too busy drinking to play in the Mookie last night. I did see Maudie going all Godzilla on everyone. She finished strongly in fourth, just about pulling it off.

Iggy is back in his old digs. I won't do a smooch fest like Hoy but I don't feel like kissing a lot of midget ass (just kidding Hoy). I must admit I am jealous of the little guy. He is going to the UFC fights this weekend. About the closest I get to a UFC fight is two morons arguing over a cribbage game at the bar.

Pauly is still working hard in L.A. I found something he wrote to be quite interesting. In his Day 4 recap, he mentions this about play Bill Edler:
Edler has a reputation of being one of the nicest guys on the tournament
circuit. He's a patient player with solid fundamentals. He admits that his
biggest leak is that he has issues with mathematics. Edler is meticulous about
keeping his stacks in a specific order and size, and can often seen trading
chips with other players to maintain a uniformity of chip stacks and colors.

I started wondering if it would be wrong to tilt the guy based on that knowledge. Either get the table to not trade chips or even better, if you know he is most likely to just call a bet, bet some strange offbeat number. Instead of say 30,000, bet 30375, try to get him to break down his even stacks. Once, he does, you make all your stacks even and then comment about how sloppy his chips look.

Sadly, it appears Chilly is leaving the ring. His farewell post is out. I hope he continues to read and comment. He has some of the best comments out there.

Hopefully I can get out and play CC's tournament tonight. You know where and when.

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