Friday, March 09, 2007

Jacked off

Damn them Jacks. Within minutes, I was out of both the Riverchasers and CC's tournaments when a J hit the board. One made me groan. The other pissed me off.

I had raised in EP with 5 5. Table was tight, it was early, and I wanted to see some flops. So I called the re-raise. Presto! I flop my set. I decide to check-raise my opponent. Hmm...he calls. I check the turn even though now a back door flush is possible. At this point, I am confident my set is still good, but I am thinking about how I can maximize the pot. My opponent checks as well. River is the J of spades. No way did he hit a flush. I push (about 3/4 of the pot I believe). He thinks and takes his time before calling and showing pocket Jacks. Ugh!

I don't know if a turn bet would have won the hand for me or not, but that is the risk with trying to get as much out of your opponent as you can. You may just be giving them the maximum.

Over in the Riverchasers side, I was the victim of a donkey play. I had already doubled up to about 3800 and had only 2 people at the table that were good players. With 9 9, I called the pot raise from my right. The flop came 3 3 2. I liked it. Hell, I loved it. I saw another pot size bet come out. I felt I had the best hand and knew this donk would pay me off if I raised. So I popped it. Hard. All in to get him off the hand. He took his time and let the lights go all the way down before calling. He showed A J.


Putting in all of your chips with nothing? I hate going up against A J. It always beats me. Sure enough, a J hit the turn. Nice suckout.

Just like that I was out. I was tempted to berate the player but decided not too. Well, more like I was really pissed and just shut my pc off.

This morning I was still steaming a bit. But then it hit me. I hadn't had a brutal beat in a while. Nothing I can do when I play it right. If I had just raised pot, there is no way he is folding. They simply do not fold those hands in the RC tournaments.

Just have to wait until the next one to get my revenge.

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Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

Dam man. For all my talk about these dickledonks calling allin preflop with AJ, calling allin after the flop with AJ and no hit whatsoever on the board is ten times worse. How can you possibly justify that call? Unbelievable.

I could not avoid AA, KK and QQ all night yesterday no matter how hard I tried. I effing hate that.