Monday, March 19, 2007

Should have stayed away

With the onset of March Madness, I decided to take some time away to go hang out with friend, drink beer, and watch the games. I figured a couple days away from the game would leave me refreshed and ready to come back focused.

Wow, was I wrong. It felt like every possible suckout that I could incur, I did incur. It was brutal. Get good hands in triple draw and have someone catch 2 on the last draw to just beat me. Again and again.

So I figured I would switch it up and play some Razz. I might as well have dropped a bowling ball on my groin. Suddenly good hands became bad as brick after brick hit me.

Hopefully I have gotten all the bad plays out of the way and tomorrow will be a much, much better day.

About the only good thing I did was read a good book. More on that later.

1 comment:

Buffalo66 said...

Stick to tourneys or sng's until you get your mojo back. (I've never played a TD tourney, do they have those?)

And remember, beer makes everything better. Always.