Friday, March 02, 2007


I ended up playing quite a bit of poker last night. I balanced some TD with HE to basically come up a couple dollars up.

Meanwhile, I took advantage of a token frenzy tournament that Hoy mentioned yesterday. Getting the token wasn't as tough as remembering it was a Turbo. I chipped up early and was willing to sit on the sideline. But I got greedy with pocket 9s and suddenly found myself on the outside looking in. Sure there were plenty of players left and I was never in dire straits but it is easier to be in the middle of the pack and only play monsters that scrambling trying to survive the bubble.

Plus with so many players not understanding the concept of a satellite, having that cushion is needed. Cannot tell you how many times I saw a big stack getting involved with A rag or K 9 off and bullying people around. For the most part, if I have a stack in the sat, I am sitting back, letting others do all the banging. Until I have a monster or I know of weak players that I can knock out.

So with 36 players getting tokens, I promptly went out in 36th place. At the same time, I went on a nice TD run erasing the hole I was in for a nice profit.

If only I had done better in CC's tourney. We started with basically 6 at a table. Bayne had to bludgeon me with his quad kings to more than cripple me. Well played. I had you tagged for A K and a set. Man, was I off thinking my rivered straight was good.

I did notice a trend when I play triple draw. After jumping up to a nice win, I tend to give it all back and then some. I end up playing looser than I normally would. Toss in one card draws that just don't get there or some clown pulling 4, 3 and 2 to make a 7 and I see all profit gone and me fighting to get back to where I started. I think that is one goal for the weekend. To not play so many hands and try to draw out because I see other people hit.

Best thing is I am still loving the game.


bayne_s said...

This past weekend we learned even Barry Greenstein can river a Broadway Straight and think he's got the best hand on a paired board.

Any donkey can play KK pre-flop and quad Kings post flop

Anonymous said...

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