Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Before I knew it,

I won the Wheatie. And if Blogger wasn't being such a bitch, I would show it.

Maybe tomorrow. Right now I need finish the Razz freeroll Al had set up.

It always feels good to win a tournament, but for me, it seems like it has been a long time. After bubbling in the iPod, bubbling in Al's Euro tournament on Sunday, and making the final table and finishing two out of the money at Sunday HORSE, it was time I broke through and took one down.

It makes makes me a two-time WWdN winner. I also took down the last longer bet (obviously) with Biggestron, Zeem, Columbo and rico, making it the biggest Wheatie win EVER!

I don't bore you with details, but it helps to flop a full house with the Hiltons and get paid off. Then to deliver a crushing blow by slow playing A A heads up.

Hopefully I can get some kind of streak going.

I have no idea how the Razz tournament finished. I had to be up early to meet with my boss this morning and didn't feel like staying up an extra hour or so to win $20. I will have to check it out to see where I finished.


Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

Nice job StB. After that bad call you made early on at the first table, I had you pegged for an early exit for sure. Then you started creeping back up and were just getting in to good shape by the time my effing 15-outer didn't come through. Way to come back from the doldrums and hold on against a field full of donkey mofos.

StB said...

Yeah, calling down with A 2 was flat out stupidity. I should have raised or folded the river at the minimum. When donking away like that, one will rarely win tournaments.

change100 said...

Nice work, my friend.