Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Summer Classic time is coming

Falstaff has an update on the WPBT Summer Classic set for June 6-11th. I am pretty sure I will be making my way out there for the festivities, though I may not be staying at the Orleans. I can get a free room at the Rio (for Thursday and Sunday) and may take advantage of it seeing how the cost would be the same as staying at the Orleans, but with a nicer room. Plus, with people playing in the WSOP, it could give them a place to crash if needed. I don't think it is too far from the Orleans to begin with.

At least that is what I am thinking right about now. All I need is for airfare to get cheap and I will be booked.

After work yesterday, I headed to a bar to kill some time before meeting with my boss. As I drank my beer, I tried to figure out who the people were at the bar. To my right were 4 ladies and a guy of various ages. I put them on being teachers. On the other side were some people that work for the same company as I do, but are in a different division. To my left was a couple drinking margaritas. Across from me was a tall guy.

The tall guy was by himself, enjoying a smoke. Then he answered the phone and ordered some drinks. He got a bottle of beer and a half strawberry/half regular blended margarita. Ah, he would have company.

When I saw the chick he was with, I had one simple reaction. Ouch, my eyes! I then took a second glance and it hit me. This girl looked like someone I knew. I racked my brain until I figured it out.

It looked like F-Train but with a wig. Now, I am not trying to rip on the F-Train. Not by any means. But this girl was a dead ringer for him, but with a blonde wig. Same nose, chin, eyes and forehead. I tried to take a picture on my phone but the glare from the windows kept messing it up. Plus, I think the big guy was hearing the camera noise from the phone as he shot me a look as I tried to nonchalantly take a picture.


Drizztdj said...

130 pounds of fury with tits!

F-Train said...

A female me? I am appropriately mortified.

Chilly said...

One of the bigger drunks in my life was drinking margaritas in WI. I was at a wedding in West Bend and there was a good 3 hours between the ceremony and the reception.

The first place was spotted was a Mexican joint with pitchers of margaritas on special.

I then powered through to reception and vaguely remember telling the bride "it didn't matter what anyone said, as long as she was happy"

Good times.