Sunday, March 11, 2007


No Ipod for you!

Yep, played for a couple hours and hit the Ipod bubble in the pokeronamac tourney. My K K was cracked by A Q. So I got like $2.75 instead.

At least I played pretty well throught the tournament, but could have done better at the final table. I was steaming a bit and tried to play too many hands. Limp, call, fold. Not a winning strategy.

It does have me prepared to wage a war on the bracelet races. I will have to start playing some of them now that I have collected some tokens.

Thanks again to the pokeronamac gang for hosting the tournament.


osinsh said...

Nice run!

There should be 100 iPods next time.

Schaubs said...

Tough break on that last hand. I figured you were my toughest competition (sorry mclarich)and I knew that lillian would have to get lucky to knock you out. Well played though.