Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Bad run

Been on a bad run lately. Some of it bad cards, some of it tilting.

I thought a couple days away would help but it didn't. Whether it be triple draw or hold em, I was on the short end too many times.

Maybe I can turn in around in the Wheatie tonight.

Update: Scored a token in a Token Frenzy. Was breezing along until I made a move on a short stack with A Qs. He had little choice but to call for 300 more in the BB. But his J 8 flopped a pair and I couldn't improve. Suddenly I was short and it wasn't looking good with the blinds coming along.

Of course, the blinds bump up to 600/1200/200. I have 2300. There are some short stacks that are going to be all in before I get the blinds in 3 hands. But if they win their hands, I am in trouble. Just as the BB is about to hit, I am moved to a new table! 1 hand later the bubble bursts and I have a token.

I will take that as a win. Heck, I need what I can get.

Another update: Made the money and promptly went out in 9th place. Wasn't paying attention and pushed with K 10o. If I had known I was in fact, re-raising someone, then I wouldn't have done it.

Oh well, can't complain. I did make the money which is some consolation.

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