Monday, February 05, 2007

Grinding weekend

I managed to grind out a nice little profit this weekend. Two tabling triple draw along side hold em worked out well. But I need to make sure I don't dig myself into a hole first.

Each time I stared up, I found myself dropping a quarter to a third of my starting count within the first orbit. Whether it was I wasn't hitting my draws or that hands weren't holding up, putting yourself in a hole right away sucks. Yet, I have noticed I do this again and again. It gets me some action later but it isn't like losing right away in my intention.

I should be thankful I found some very aggressive players. In both TD and HE, I would get paid off when I had the nuts. Each time these hands would propel me from being stuck to small profits that I could build off of into nice sessions.

I did enjoy the 2/4 TD tables where there were a couple people raising aggressively and then staying pat on a 9. I found I could reverse the tables on them. I tightened up and showed down a couple good hands. Then I turned their own game on them, raising and staying pat on 9 or 8, hands I normally wouldn't stay on with better players. I was getting people to fold hands quickly. Of course those were balanced by have 5 4 3 2 and bricking 3 times.

Al posted an update on the Neteller situation. Shouldn't the government be working to get U.S. citizens their money back? I have kissed that cash goodbye. Unfortunately for others, they are stuck quite a bit more. I hope the ending is much better for them.

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