Monday, February 19, 2007

Knocked back down

I took a hit this weekend. Tried to play 5/10 triple draw and got my ass handed to me. It really was two big hands. One where my 7 6 lost to the nuts and another where my made 8 6 lost on the third draw to 7 6. In the end, I lost a chunk of what I had on Stars.

In retrospect, maybe I shouldn't have been taking a shot at a higher table. It was Friday night after I got back from the bar. My rule is to not play cash games after drinking. I lose too much when I do it. I stick to SnGs.

Well, this time I didn't follow my own set rules and paid the price. Funny how I did well in one SnG taking second, but then got crushed when my K K got cracked by K Q. They hit their flush on the turn. Ouch!

After the beating on Friday night, I basically stayed away on Saturday. On Sunday morning I played a rock of a 3/6 HE table (what rock garden?) that was boring. There were some fishy players but the pots weren't getting any size to them. Thus, it was boring. I booked a small profit before making a stab at a super sat for the FTOPs. Yeah, that went no where when someone slow played K K against my steal attempt.

Little card slinging this week. Going away for work for a couple days. That should be just enough to charge the batteries. Plus I figure I can read the Omaha book I have on the plane. Maybe there will be some O8 in my future again.


Garthmeister J. said...

Sorry to hear about the TD damage. Not fun!

1st rule said...

Drunk poker is one reason I had to take a break from playing online.

1st rule said...

As always it will turn around