Friday, February 23, 2007

Just like the Mighty Thor

I headed out to the bar right after work yesterday. Bosses were in town and I was forced to go have a drink after work with them. Ok, maybe not "forced". And yeah, I was at the bar an hour before they arrived but I had to kill some time. Bars work for me.

A couple hours of pouring some Leinie's Big Butt Bock into my belly provided the fuel I needed to play the RiverChasers and CC tournaments last night. Made decent runs in both before I lost focus and donked myself out.

I was playing steady on the RiverChasers side. But I got a little too greedy stealing blinds. Table was tight so the time seemed right. Unfortunately for me, I ran my A 4 suited into a real hand and was done somewhere around 19.

Over on CC's side, I was a Hammer playing fool. Caught it a number of times and wielded it just as the Mighty Thor would. Beside taking pots down preflop, I continued to play it aggressively post flop. In one sick play, the Hammer stood tall after going runner runner for the straight.
Edit: Bayne has the hand history posted. Seems to still have a lump from where the Hammer hit him on the head.

It worked so well that I tried again. In EP I raised 4xs the blind but got re-raised. Who dare re-raise on a Hammer play? Of course I called another grand and was up against K K. No problem. Flop the OESD, but didn't fill. What happened? My Hammer!! Soon I would get outplayed by Pauly, get short stacked and be done. But I had fun.

Funny how that was the only poker I had played all week. That will change this weekend, especially if we get hit with the snow storm that they are expecting. Could be a Saturday/Sunday of nothing but tournaments. Just need to walk the block to the liquor store to get the necessary survival supplies.


Craig said...

Thanks for coming out last night!

bayne_s said...

May I be 1st to suggest you would be better off spending your poker dollars with the purchase of lottery tickets.

StB said...

The funny part Bayne, is this isn't the first time I have been given that suggestion.

bayne_s said...

Probably won't be the last to make lottery suggestion either.

If you looked as far back in my blog you will see I overplayed a Hammer in Hoy as well but there several differences:

1) Pot odds on my pre-flop call were good if just against 2 overs and I would be left with enough chips to still play if I lost.

2) I adjusted play to exploit loose image. You continued loose play with loose image.

3) I cashed.

KrazyBangs said...

Not your fault people sucked out on your hammer... fitting cartoon!