Tuesday, February 13, 2007

A disturbing trend

I didn't do well in the WWdN tonight. Finished 32 out of 53, going out just after the first break.

I was very slow on playing the first two hands after the break as I was trying to make a drink. I had some cherry/lime water that I wanted to try with brandy. I kept running to the pc to make my play. Once I got the drink made and sat down, I lost a huge pot crippling me. Next hand, I was out as someone hit their 2 outer.

It was then I noticed this trend. I tend to go bust just after making a drink. Not from drinking a lot but from getting a new cocktail.

WTF? That is disturbing.

I may have to track this and figure out how to stop the trend from reoccurring.

But all was not lost on the night. I found one of the worst TD players sitting at a 2/4 table. He had 312 in front of him when I joined the waiting list. By the time I got a seat, he still had 280. Before I was done, he had busted. I only got $53 of it but I ain't complaining. Especially since I found another bad player on the 3/6 table that was good for another $49 in a short time span.

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