Thursday, December 20, 2007

Online return not good

Played some limit last night to no success. Things started good as I took down some nice pots just to see them go floating away. Getting aces cracked twice by K 10 and J 10 when someone catches second pair on the river is frustrating. It got me a bit tilty which didn't help much later on watching people play any connectors and hit.

After Vegas I have been interested in playing more. More live play that is. But I cannot get myself to go down to the Pot to play. Not yet, even though they have been running radio spots about their new expanded poker room for the last year. I guess what I need is a good home game.

Anyone got one in the Milwaukee area?

Being the end of year, things are slow at work. I need some stuff to read. Looks like I will start the day here, Tacky Christmas Yards. Sad to see how Halloween has influenced the Christmas season in trashy yards.

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Budohorseman said...

Feel free to check out our Saturday night game in Kenosha if you want. It's only .50/1.00 NLHE, but it's in a bar so they are all willing to give their money away. Let me know at