Friday, September 12, 2008

Surviving and Riverchasing

It took only one week for me to deviate from my schedule of Survivor Football picks. After that abysmal performance by Seattle I cannot take them in good faith this weekend. They were beyond bad. I wouldn't be shocked if the 49ers pulled off the upset. So I am going with the NY Giants this weekend. It is possible that the Rams may become my new pick on team this year. Week 3 will probably see me getting back to the preseason choice list. Of course if I was smart about this I would have taken two entries and played my preseason list straight out.

Played the Riverchasers last night. For the first time in a while I had some fun playing poker. I made the final table going out in 9th (out of 31?). Nothing to brag about but not bad either. I lost interest when we got down to 14. I had to travel earlier in the day and was feeling pretty damn tired. Toss in a couple pints of Maker's Mark and I was just about out. I donked heavily at the end to get tossed out.

I did have a nice rush that got me to that point though. I managed to double up on one hand with K K. I re-raised from late position and saw a flop of K 4 4. I let my opponent bet out and gave a quick min-raise. I proceeded to just call his bet on the turn and then pushed on the river. I was surprised that I got paid off there.

Next hand I get A A and proceed to flop a set. This time I don't get paid as well as the first. Of course that meant I shot my load and had to fold for the next half hour.

A similar rush came later on when I got Q Q and A A back to back. Didn't cash in as well on those though. I chose to re-raise big preflop with them to make it look like I didn't want a call but it appeared they were trying to steal.

Guess I need to find a way to focus more when we get to the end game. Or maybe not play after a day spent in airplanes and drinking whisky.

Just got some tickets to see Metallica in January. The new disc is pretty good. Takes a while to get a feel for it but after one listen it kicks up a notch and you notice the quality of the songs. Personal favorite right is Cyanide. Suicide and Redemption and All Nightmare Long are a close second. Looking forward to the show even though it is months off. 20,000 people chanting DIE is a rush!

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MyPokerThoughts said...

I hope the Rams aren't as bad as they looked last week. I passed on Peterson in my fantasy draft to get Stephen Jackson and I don't want to look like an idiot for doing so.