Tuesday, November 25, 2008

El padre de los blogs

I just spent a couple of days in New Orleans. Made one quick trip to Harrahs but did not play any poker. I didn't see why I would when all the stories I have read about the N.O. Harrahs entail people taking cash off of the blackjack tables. Bloggers can lose playing blackjack there and I kept the record intact. It was only $115 but it was still a win.

I did stop by the poker room to see what kind of action they had. I watched one hand of 1/2 NL. When the guy raised in MP (to 15) and had 3 callers, I knew he was going to lose the hand. Flop was jack high. He thought and bet half the pot (30). Only one player dropped out. When the turn showed a second jack, I was surprised he bet just 30 again. Even more surprised when the next player quickly raised to 60 and he called. It was heads up now. River was a blank. Now the MP just checked and quickly folded to the 30 bet. No one showed any cards but I would be willing to bet the guy won with A J beating queens or 10s.

Next day I would find myself out at a tavern called Cooter Browns watching the Dallas Cowboys put the whooping on the Niners. At one point I texted the Rooster about the score. Got a call from him a couple of minutes later. He was in Costa Rica watching Iggy play poker. He mentioned that he was at the final table and 6th in chips. It didn't really register until 15 minutes later. Did he just say Iggy made the final table? Yes, he did. Nice cash Iggy!

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Joaquin "The Rooster" Ochoa said...

Misunderstanding...I was with a Costa Rican girl and Iggy was at the final table...funny how small of a world it is.