Friday, January 30, 2009

Other gambling

Still been too busy to play any real poker. Some SnGs here and there but no tournaments or ring games for any duration. That may change on Saturday. I will be stuck waiting for furniture to be delivered. They gave me the 3 hour window between 10 and 1. I am sure they could pinpoint it a bit better but they believe that by giving me an indication of delivery they were doing me a favor.

I will also be placing some bets this weekend. Performify (hey didn't he use to play poker) has his UFC 94 picks up at MMAJunkie. I like the Penn pick. GSP may be the better overall fighter but Penn is not a slouch. If he has prepared himself as much as he claims, he will win. Dong over Parisyan is intriguing as well.

As much as I would to see them lose, I am taking the Steelers -7 this weekend as well. I do not expect this game to be close. It will be like the Colts/Bears game of two years ago. Easy money by taking Pitt.

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