Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Maybe they can have their own ring

This caught my attention in Hoy's post about his goals for 2009:

We've got several multi-accounters in our little group (ironically a couple of
the biggest people who call me out for "cheating" which I have never done and
would never do), we've got outright cheaters, liars, colluders, chip dumpers,
incessant bad beat complainers, dickheads, losers, annoyingass mofos, you name
it and we have them in our group. But I have gone out of my way not to mention
those things here because as I've said many times over the past couple of years,
I do not want my own personal space on the Internets to be a place for petty
insults directed at specific individuals that other people will read and
possibly believe as the truth.

Do we really want a BBT 4 knowing this? Actually it isn't that big of a revelation. Others have commented about how prizes have corrupted the tournaments. I thought about blasting Hoy for not pointing these people out but he has his own opinion and in entitled to it. It kind of makes him an accomplice. Those involved in these shenanigans give themselves and Hoy an advantage by doing this. He has inside info on how the play is going down and can avoid it. Exposing the cheats evens the playfield for everyone, especially those (ME!) that need it.

Just an opinion. I could talk about community and how things were done in the good ol' days but Don would just get all grumpy.


Luckbox said...

I'll say it. It's a different time. When the WPBT was in its infancy and we were hosting a bunch of fun events, no one would consider cheating.

But times have changed... it's sad. That's likely one of the reasons I don't participate as much as I did.

Drizztdj said...

This is news to me.

I will say the fun factor of these tourneys has certainly lost its luster while the prizes have exploded exponentially.

Even I've gotten snipey at others during the last BBT series.