Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A walk through blogland

I have been busy doing other things instead of playing poker. With what seems like every episode of House on my DVR I may not play for awhile. Or tonight if I can finagle my way into getting tomorrow off so I can go on a nice bender and play some Razz in the Skills game.

So let's take a walk through blogland and see what is going on...

Drizz gets it going with being happy. Happy with the kids, happy with the wife, happy with PokerStars. I would make a wisecrack but Drizz is a good guy. Bad karma would set in if I said something bad. I would probably go into the liquor store and find out they had only vodka and Budweiser left in the place. I like good karma.

Speaking of which, Vinnay's buddy has had a bad beat on him. Go help the guy out. Always nice to see people rally to help a fellow player out. I spent some time talking with Vinnay about his Sabre tickets after the tournament in Vegas. Once I get home and get my Paypal account unlocked I will be making a contribution to the cause. Please consider doing so yourself if you have not already.

Pauly has his year in review up at Tao of Poker. That much stuff happened last year? No wonder Pauly doesn't sleep. He is too busy linking things up from the past. If you care to know every poker pro Pauly pissed next to you have it all at your fingertips.

His bro Derek actually had two posts in the span of 3 days! Must be that "Change" that everyone keeps talking about.

Waffles- wait, I am going to link in Waffles???- talks poker strategy today. How he is going to go againt the grain and do everything they say not to. Play big or go home. He says he will take out half of the winning on a regular basis. My guess is to pay the insurance deductibles for the oncoming ulcer.

Al has the teaser post up on the BB4. Guess all those guys who need to point at the standings and brag about how well they are doing will be happy. Until one of the prizes is booze I am not overly committed. Will be interesting to see what the story is this time around. I would say no more than 2 tourneys a week with mixed games but what do I know. I already mentioned I don't play much anymore.

Joe Speaker may be looking to take over BG's job at the former poker blogger turned handicapper. He made some money at the track while some bum who he bought a beer for tried to snag his chick.

Miami Don is all bubbly that the Dolphins. Not surprising. Parcells took half of the coaching staff from the Cowboys. They were bound to do well. I am happy to see Sparano succeed. Hope they do some damage in the playoffs as short lived as it will be.

BadBlood is still bragging about his Saturday afternoons with Pauly win. I know he plays more poker than I do. Especially those home games. You must have played some cards with the Trooper in town.

Iggy looks to still be on vacation. At least he posted that goofy pic before he left. You know it is Christmas when the wee kid is by the tree.

Hoy continues to play at UB and is crushing tournaments. Some talk has gone on about his playing on the crooked site. I could care less. He knows the potential risks. If he gets taken there is no one to blame but himself.

Poker Peaker seemed to get raped by variance this past weekend. Always suck when you can't catch a card or someone gets lucky with their 8 5 offsuit and hits the gutshot on the river. Nothing you can do but walk away shaking your head... and go straight to the Pai Gow table and get drunk. Works for me at least.

Dugglebogey is still as cantankerous as ever. Crying about how 2008 is fucked and how 2009 won't be any better. Of course it won't. Democrats screwed up the economy, Bush helped by jumping on the bailout wagon, and now everyone wants the government to save them. Somehow people failing because they lived beyond their means is not an option anymore.

Doc Chako has an interesting strategy post on.... the Wizard of Oz? Did he blowup his bankroll? His better half is still in holiday mode.

thg got suckered in by triple points and dropped some cash playing PLO. Ouch! Four card bingo can be a bitch.

F Train has a good post about chopping a tournament. Funny how he didn't make any mention of Asian hotties in this post. I thought that was his tagline.

Jordan continues with themes. He covers some basics that we all can use a reminder on. I know I have played at times when I really didn't feel like playing. Thankfully I don't play cash games after a night of drinking.

Finally, Bam Bam is talking about having his rear in view. Don't ask me. I am not sure what those weird Canadian customs mean.

That is all for now. I probably should do some work while being physically at work. Or I may go update this post. Everyone seems to want advice on what to eat before drinking.


Pokermario said...

Good luck on the poker trail. Visit Pokermario's Poker Pages for all your poker needs, Blogs, News, Podcasts, Forums and much much more!

VinNay said...

Thanks so much for the link and donation to help my friend Jeff. The generosity the bloggers are showing to a complete stranger is unbelievable, and really, truly appreciated.

When I see the community come together like this it just leaves me at a loss for words. There may be some Circles of Poker Blogging Hell (as you have written about in the past), but there seems to be some Circles of Heaven too.

BamBam said...

My "rear in view" is a beeeeeeyoooooootaful thing !

Just ask the Ladies!


Happy New Year my friend!

Dr. Pauly said...

Did Iggy start posting here?

Drizztdj said...

Booze prize for the BBT4?

I could stash away a growler of Surly for a prop bet if you wish to put up some decent local brew.