Monday, December 22, 2008

That's bullshit! I have see Diehard!

I live by a simple rule of life. If you do not get a post up about your trip to Vegas before Derek does then why bother? Anything I write will pale in comparison to what D has to say.

Go read Las Vegas. December 2008.

No, I won't get into how I finished like 17th in the blogger tournament. It paid less than Gigli so why bother. I won't talk about how I broke even playing poker. I sucked at betting football because I didn't have the balls to take the Bengals straight up against the Deadskins.

What I did do well was rock out with Steel Panther. This has got to become a must stop for a trip to Vegas. The first thing you do when going to Vegas should be to hit up the Green Valley Ranch website to make sure Steel Panther is playing that Friday.

For the rest of the story, check out the Wife. She sums it up perfectly in Best New Tradition. Ever. Just seeing the waitress again has put a smile on my face. She was hot!

After the show I decided to head back to the IP with CA April. We had no idea where to find a cab in this place so we wandered around a bit. In the end we went where we were dropped off and found out they had to call the cabs from the hotel. Huh? Why not tell us where the hotel is instead?

As we stood around in the parking structure, we were pleasantly surprised to see there was entertainment. Security had just bounced a drunk guy from the casino. Guy had been at the SP show and was blitzed. Of course, he didn't want to leave. Two security guys were making sure he didn't try to get back into the casino while a suited gentlemen stood with him. Drunk guy is getting annoyed that they just won't leave him be. At one point he asks "Shouldn't you guys be looking for some illegal popcorn eating?" I just about lost it on that one.

Suited guy insists he will not leave until this guy gets into a taxi. As we wait, some other people come down looking for a cab. One is wearing a zoot suit. His woman, is standing a couple of feet back. Drunk notices her and makes a comment about her legs. Zoot suit doesn't like it and sounds like he is ready to throw down, telling drunk guy to stop looking at her legs. Really, you are going to drop this chump because he looked at your girlfriend? Suddenly the conversation turns to them all being from Michigan and how the guy shot his first buck. All was good in the world.

Then drunk guy goes back to the suited security guy and asks about the cabs. He is told there are 3 cabs coming, to which he replies "That's bullshit! I have seen Diehard!"

That left me in stunned silence before I busted out laughing. How cabs and Diehard come together is beyond me. Guess I have to get really drunk to figure that out.

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