Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Cheapo tournament no good

I played a cheapo tournament this Saturday on Full Tilt. Was looking to play some poker but didn't know how serious I wanted to be. I wanted to be serious but I was also looking for a distraction from doing my taxes. Yes, that makes little sense to do your taxes as you play poker since you are not focusing on either but it worked for a while.

I doubled up early by flopping a set and letting the aggro give me their chips. I folded a lot including to reraises when I thought the table was pretty tight but someone would feel frisky and push a huge stack against me and my 10s. I would rather have Turbo Tax guide me through charitable donations to good causes than dipsticks at a poker table.

Somehow doing my taxes and playing poker worked well. But then I got to a spot where I had to stop doing my taxes. I didn't have an investment form so I couldn't enter the info. Shortly after I logged out of Turbo Tax I logged out of Full Tilt. Someone slow played their aces from EP and totally caught me in their net.

At least my return looks good. I just need to get it filed before the president gives all of the money away to those who don't pay taxes.

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Drizztdj said...

C'mon now, you know you wanna support Octo-mom's 14 kids with Wii's, a mansion, and Ivy league college educations!