Friday, February 27, 2009

Twit poker

I played in the Twitter poker tournament last night. It was a way to play some poker on the cheap ($5) and get a feel for the game again. I did ok, finishing 5 of 33.

I felt pretty good about my game throughout. I spent some time watching the others play (what a concept, huh?) and felt I had a good read on some of them. Took some chances were appropriate because of those reads. For example, a loose guy was in the BB. I was in the cutoff with A 9. I knew he would raise with any K that was suited. So I popped it 3xs his blind when the action came to me. He quickly re-raised. My gut told me I had him at this point so I pushed. Sure enough, he showed K 10. My hand held and I moved on.

Later I would do the same with K Qs. I had watched the guy play and he loved his face cards. I popped him when he came in with a raise forcing him to make a decision to go all in or fold. He went all in with Q 10 and promptly gave me those chips.

The best thing that happened last night was my finish. Going out in 5th told me a lot about my end game. Or lack thereof. I wanted to finish this game but knew I would be up to leave for work in 5 hours. When this happens, I lose focus and take way too many chances. I try to bully the table or make any two cards work (hey J 9 suited can be a monster! Danny says so!).

I went out when I pushed my A Js into A Qo. Not a terrible way to go but not the best. I had been 2nd but it was also in push territory so I was content to take a small cash in exchange for sleep. That is what troubles me. I have been making that trade too often. Did it in the Bodog tournament too. The real world is crimping my poker world way too much lately.

I hope to play in some of the BBT events. It will be tough as work seems to enjoy laying some leather on my ass on a daily basis. Hopefully I can find time to play some events.

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pokerpeaker said...

I know exactly who you are talking about. I thought that was funny too.