Sunday, March 01, 2009

And we're off!

The BBT 4 got started with the Brit Blonkament tournament. It is one of the times that work out very well for me so I was looking forward to it.

I started out on the loose end. Raising with A Jo in MP. Got one call. Though I flopped top pair I folded to turn raise. It is just too early to go out without a dominant hand. Next hand I decide to just call Huntvegas' raise with A Qo. Checked the flop of K Q 5. Turn looked to be a harmless 9 and I just called his bet. I figured he was stealing the pot with a bet on the river but he wasn't. His set of 9s was good. Not sure I could have taken it with a flop bet but my gut tells me I would have. Damn.

And then I get a table change and a chance to slow down. I get some chips when I am able to see a flop with A 10. All the chips go in on a flop of A 9 8. I catch another A on the river to double up to over 600.

I fold my way to another table change. Barely 20 minutes in and I have been moved twice. Guess with 11 people getting knocked out that will happen.

I don't have to worry too long about getting switched because I got knocked out in 54th place. There is a min raise from EP. I am in the big blind with K Qo and call the 40. Flop is K 5 4. I check and push on his bet. I get called by 4 3s. A pit begins to form in my stomach. The turn is a blank but the river is a 3. Thanks a lot RNG!

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lightning36 said...

Donkey action at its best. What are you going to do? May as well just laugh it off and get back on the horse next time. Of course, that is easy for me to say since I wasn't the one grabbing my ankles.