Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Washed my hands 2 times during the tournament

It was nice to win the tournament on Sunday. Thanks to everyone who left the congratulatory comments. I felt I played pretty good throughout most of it. I took some chances when it seemed appropriate but laid off some bad moves. By no means was I perfect. This is not a "My poker fu was much great than all the donkeys that think they know how to play this game" post. In fact it is the opposite. It is an acknowledgement of how I got lucky to win that tournament.

See, Smokkee's comment was dead on. "so many sick hands at the final table although pretty standard for a bloggament". I was the recipient of two sick hands that helped me win. On the hand where I ran A 9 into A K thinking my opponent was putting a move on me and sucking out the 9 on the turn was the RNG hitting in my favor. I made a bad read. That led to the bad play. But I got lucky with the suckout. I felt like I need to go wash my hands after pulling those pots out of my ass.

Luck came to visit me again when I cracked aces with K Q. On this hand I got outplayed. I put him on A something or K J at best. I never thought he had aces. I was more than happy to insta-call with my top pair good kicker. To an extent, who wouldn't have made that call there?

It seems like people don't give credit where it is due when they get lucky. I think of the Bodog TOC tournament where I lost 2 big hands at the final table because luck went against me. My opponent would make you think it was skill that won it for him but it wasn't. He should have been knocked out twice, just like I should have on Sunday.

I won't deny it. It felt good to have the suckouts come in my favor for once. Or at least that is how it feels, even though I have probably have gotten lucky just as many times as it has gone against me.


pokerpeaker said...

Probably not just as many. You're too good a player for that.

BamBam said...

What? Honesty in blogging!
No, No, No!
You're doing it wrong!