Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wake up, go to work, go to sleep.

Things don't look good for my participation in the BBT 4. Boss told me I can look forward to working more hours. Which really translates into he wants me to be in the office for at least 11 hours. For the most part I don't mind that if I have something to do or am not having a project thrown at me with a fake deadline of tomorrow (that has happened too much lately. Last project that was due "last week" has the final report sitting on his desk waiting for his review.)

My life feels like Pat McCurdy (local artist) song. Wake up, good to work, get drunk, go to sleep. Except I am not participating in the get drunk part. Actually my life is wake up, go to work, eat supper, work some more, go to sleep. No room for poker for now. The later times translate to me either falling asleep with my face on the keyboard and getting blinded out if I go deep or falling asleep before the tournament starts.

There has got to be a happy medium in there somewhere.


KenP said...


With the Obamaites repairing things so lickty-split, why is your boss so up tight?

BamBam said...

I hear you on all accounts!

Hard to complain about the work though, with so many friends wishing they had some.

But the late BBT starts, just brutal for the 4:30 am wake up crowd.

StB said...

You are correct Bam Bam. I shouldn't complain when about a good job.

lightning36 said...

Fell asleep during a Mookie and woke up with A-A. Couldn't get to the mouse in time to bet. Would have probably been sucked out on anyway.