Sunday, March 22, 2009

A good Sunday

I had some time to kill before playing the Brit game today. I wanted to play some small PLO but there were not spots available. So instead I sat down at a small limit game and played some 3/6 holdem as well. Good thing I did. Sat down, posted and was given J 9s. One of the blinds raised and I went with it as well. 4 of us saw a flop that include an 8 and a 10. Small blind bet out and was raised. I just called as did the blind. Turn was a Q. BB led out and I, of coursed, raised. We ended up capping it. River is a 9. I bet out and get raised. Nice! I just get called and the $99 pot is sent my way. My opponent really thought his two pair was good there. In the first hand I just about double my buy in. Can't complain as I ended up down a buck on the O8 game.

The Brit game started with 46 players. On the first hand I get 7 7 and think this could be a quick one. I raise from EP but get no callers. Soon after that I look to take in a nice pot. Everyone called a raise to 90. With Q Q I really want to thin this field and raise the size of the pot, 540. Everyone folds. I though the initial raiser would have called but apparently they had nothing.
A couple hands later and I get moved to a new table.

Those Queens come by for a visit again but this time we see flop. 8 high with two diamonds. I make the continuation bet as I am not going to give anyone a free draw. I only make one aggressive play at this table. I raise with K 10 because I wanted to do something. Only the BB calls. Flop is Q high, all hearts. I check behind. Another blank on the turn and my oppenent bets pot. I smell some bull here and decided to pop it right back to 600. If he comes over the top I can fold and still have little damage. But he folds and I put a smile on my face. Must prevent myself from doing that again. Lack of focus is what usually gets me bounced out of these tournaments. Then I get moved again.

I fold a lot as I am working on being careful. I get A J in MP and raise it up. Only the button calls. Flop isn't bad. J 10 x. I bet the pot and get called. Hmmm. Turn is another 10. I think and feel that he does not have a 10. I see he has only 1310 behind. Wiht 1090 in the pot I get what he has. I get called as he shows Q 9. Q 9? Interesting. A 4 hits the river and I am over 3k. That is why you don't play crap cards from the button and allow yourself to get into trouble.
I don't think I would play for 11 outs and one card to come.

Back to a lot of folding. I get froggy in some spots but don't throw chips around. I need to remind myself that people are willing to go for broke with some bad hands. Must make sure I am bringing a guy to a knife fight. At the break I am sitting at 13 with 2800. The ever elusive Gracie is in first with over 5k.

It feels like I don't play in the second session. Cards suck. I can't get anything going. Then with A Q I have to make a move but get no help. Done at 18. Feels pretty anticlimactic. Just nothing going in that second session.

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