Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Just can't make laydown

The HORSE game was rather rough. I was up a little bit early but ran into some problems in the stud rounds. A hammer hand got me in trouble as I couldn't lay down my two pair even though I knew in my gut it was no good.

Later A J got me in trouble when the flop came down A high. I knew I was up against A K but again, I just couldn't lay it down. I think I am going to be short lived in the hold em round. Get lucky when I hit a set of 7s. Gets better when the board pairs 3s. But when another 3 hits on the river, I feel I am in trouble. Somehow my opponent doesn't have a jack and folds. Could be a turning point.

Still alive at the break but way down at 53rd place. 62 of the 68 starters are still around and there is a lot of poker to be played. I begin to rationalize my crappy play at this point. I have a meeting with the division manager tomorrow and think that busting out isn't a bad thing. But why bother to sign up if I am going to worry about losing sleep? I hope to focus and see if I can make a comeback without taking stupid chances. Sometimes that is tougher than it sounds for me. Good thing I don't have any beer in the house because I know if I would pop a bottle open I would soon bust out.

I drop half my chips in the O8 round in one hand when my A 3 T T is up against A K K and a A A 3 hand. Wow. Next hand I get those back when I hit my straight on the turn.

We get into the Razz round and I recall the thought of trying to come back without taking stupid chances. Well, I get myself into a hand I should be in. To top it off, my opponent shows weakness on the 5 and 6 card. So I bet on the river thinking I can get them to fold a 9 hand. I am showing a 10 and think I can get them to fold? Stupid stupid stupid!

I again go into rationalization mode. Playing short stacked tournament Razz is fun, right? The rush of seeing those 3 low cards and feeling good to watching the bricks hit and feeling like crap as you bust out. Fun, right? And why do I have some video game contest on the TV?

On to Stud and I have only 900 left. Make that 800 as I get a couple bring ins right away. Soon my Kings would not get any help from the other 5 cards and I was done in 51st. Can't complain. I didn't play a disciplined game. No one to blame but myself.

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