Sunday, March 08, 2009

Sometimes a blind squirrel does find a nut

I hadn't really planned to play the Brit Bloggerment tournament today. I had some work I needed to get done but I really didn't want to do that either. So I decided to do both. I grabbed the work laptop and set it on a TV tray and fired up the tournament. I figured it would help me not make too many stupid plays and donk chips off right away. It worked ok in the first hour. I survived the first 60 minutes to sit 9 out of the 30 remaining. 24 dropped in the first hour.

I did make one bad play that had me disappointed. I was in the SB. The action folded to the button and he raised. I just called. I figured he was in on a steal but just called. I felt stupid having done that. I then tried to take it down by betting the pot on the flop. Though I just had A high I hoped I could scare him off the pot. Nope. He caught second pair and had an A as well. No miracle runner runner for me and I dropped the comfortable stack I had. I was still in it but basically was starting over.

Jumped back up when I got lucky and flopped a set. A slightly smaller stack gave me his chips when he tried to re-raise my bet with A Q. That got me to the break with a bit of breathing room. Plus I got some work done. The work kept me from making some other stupid plays.

I folded a lot during the beginning of the second hour. Even folded more when I got moved to a new table. I get some small pots and float along until I get lucky in the BB. I wanted to see a flop with A 5s. Button raised again. I thought of pushing but decided to just see a flop. Flop is perfect as I hit my flush. I check and call his pot bet. But the turn is a J, pairing the board. Crap! I hate that card. My thinking is bet out and hope he didn't catch something, or at least put the screws to him. I go all in and wait. He folds. I wonder if my initial read was right and it was just a steal.

I go back to working and folding for while. Then I get some cards. K K, then A A then A Q. But the table is pretty tight now. Antes have kicked in and no one is taking chances. I chip up a bit but wonder if it could have been better.

My rush continues for a bit. Keep chipping up. I have a nice boost when I get J J to hold up against 2 2 and K 10s. At the second break I have moved up into the 2 spot, just behind Smokkee.

We hit the final table and my rush ends. With A Qs, I raise to isolate a short stack that pushed. He shows Q Q and the race is on. The flop looks good J 10 5, two spades. My flush and royal draw look good. But I can't catch another spade or an A and the pot slides to my opponent. Then in what looks like an attempt at sick humor, I get Q Q and am up against 7 7. The flop looks ok for him, J 10 8. I am dreading seeing a 9 hit. But somehow it doesn't come (corrected for Drizz's listening pleasure) and the ladies stand up.

We are now down to 6. This is where I catch a huge break. I am in the SB and am dealt A 9. Action folds to me and I go with a minraise. The BB comes right back and goes all in. That is 17000 to call. I don't think too much and basically insta call thinking he was trying to push me off a steal. I couldn't have been more wrong. He shows A Ks and I am ready to shut it down. The flops gives him more outs with a flush draw. But then the 9 of diamonds spikes on the turn. I see a small red card hit the river and my suckout is complete. A terrible call propels me into first.

We get to 3 handed and my hands are getting bad. Even when I try to steal I am getting caught and forced to fold. I am trying to be patient but that is being tested. But I am doing my best. And apparently my best is by winning with another major suckout. I call a raise with K Q offsuit. Flop comes K high. I decide to check raise. When I do, he pushes on me. I really think my Kings are good and call. He shows A A. Could I be more wrong AGAIN??? Yep. But for once I have that good feeling in my gut. It stays when a Q slams on the river. Another big suckout and I am in a fantastic positions to take this down.

I am heads up with Smokkee now. Even though I have a commanding chip lead- 5 to 1- I have a fear I may choke and give it all away. But I don't. A number of hands in and it is over. I have A Q vs his 7 7. I hit my pair and it done. I have won the Brit Blogger game! Not too bad for something I wasn't considering playing.

Pic taken from Smokkee's site


smokkee said...

so many sick hands at the final table although pretty standard for a bloggament.

congrats on the win

PokahDave said...

Congrats S.T.B. that's good for something like a 550.00 buyin to the T.O.C. not bad for a 5.50 tourney....not bad at all....

Drizztdj said...

The flop looks ok for him, J 10 8. I am dreading seeing a 9 hit. But someone it doesn't and the ladies stand up.

Re-read this Mr. Poker Blogger sir. :)

Congrats on the win!!

Wwonka said...

Congrats on the win and the TOC seat.

the Donkey Show.

BamBam said...

Nice ! Congrats.

lj said...


Dr. Pauly said...

Nice catch, sore loser.