Monday, November 23, 2009

The dipping-my-toe-back-in-the-poker-waters-before-Vegas post

Got back into the game somewhat on Saturday. I like to call it the 3 week boot camp. Play some tourneys and ring games in anticipation for Vegas. Learn enough back to handle the MGM 1/2 games and not embarrass myself in the tournament or so I hope.

I tried to figure out what level of NL ring game would be most like the MGM small game. I even stayed smart and figured I shouldn't dump a lot if I went on tilt. I had a PLO8 game up for that. I settled on .10/.25. It seemed like a nice shake the rust off level and losing $25 bucks wasn't going to have any effect on me.

I found myself doing a little chasing early without hitting. I could feel the flow coming back. The intuitions on what people may have and whether I had the right odds to go for it. In the end it came down to one hand. A A vs. K K. No K hit the board and I doubled up. It got me to thinking about whether I would have pushed to a re-raise like my opponent did with K K. I think I would rather see a flop there because I didn't have any read on the guy. It then made me chuckle when I thought of people that say how much they hate A A.

I donked my way out of a 54 player SnG at 16 when I thought the guy on my left was being a bully. I completed from the SB with A 5 and then called his push. I had seen him do it before with two face cards and figured he was doing it again. He had 7 7 instead and even though I drew more outs on a flop of 2 3 6, I could hit any of them and was done. It left me wondering if the 54 player SnGs are that aggressive nowadays.

I will have to get some more time in this week. Hopefully I will remember to sign up and play in Pauly's Turkey Bowl on Thursday. I would link it up but Blogger is not working with me today.


BWoP said...

You really need to work on your O-8 game.


Madness222 said...

Can't imagine that... Texas Hold'em