Friday, November 27, 2009

Turkey Cup 2009

I was mediocre in Pauly's Turkey Cup yesterday. Finished 39 in a field of 80 something. To an extent I feel I did ok considering that my pc froze up about 15 minutes into the game. It took my at least another 15 to get things shut down and back up. I returned just in time to see Derek go down in flames and Pauly egging him on to harass me from the rail. Man I love those McGrupps!

I busted when I got too frisky with A 9o. Yeah, you read that right. I call a standard raise from the BB. Flop was A 3 4. I went for the check raise and lost to A Qs. I have thought about this play for a bit now and still feel it was the way to go. I was seeing some loose play from the table and a lot of people making moves with A rag. I was willing to bet that my opponent didn't have an ace there and that my kicker would be good enough. I could have folded with 2600 behind and blinds at 75/150 but a double puts me into contention for the long haul and I felt it was time to go yard or go to bed. I guess the bed beckoned louder.

I played some more SnGs over the weekend to bad results. Those buyins were balanced by cash game winnings. I am trying to find my tourney game. I am playing either too tight or too loose and not getting too far. Now that PokerStars has added $2000 to the Up for Poker last longer bet, I need to figure out where this game of mine is at.

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