Monday, December 14, 2009

Damn that was fun

It was 11:45 on Sunday night. I was tired, kinda drunk, and had a belly full of a stuffed cheeseburger. At that moment I realized I had reached my saturation point. I had had enough of Las Vegas. It was time to say the goodbyes and make the sad walk out of the casino leaving behind friends but feeling rich with more memories. Another year and another great time. I can't begin to say how lucky I am to have so many great friends. Friends who like to bust loose, have fun, and tell the world to bugger off for a weekend.

Where to begin with all of them? I guess the beginning make sense. Once I had checked in I was trying to get in touch with Special K to let him know he wouldn't have to wait in line when he got into town. Problem was I didn't have his phone number. But I did have Falstaff's so I sent him a text. I received a response asking who I was. I thought John should have my number but maybe he didn't so I identified myself. In return I was given this:
I don't care who you are cause I am notifying the police cause I have your # don't have to know your name don't text this # anymore.
Interesting. I guess he changed numbers. I was hoping he was playing a prank cuz that would have been funny. Whoever has that number didn't have to be such a bitch about it.

Other things that happened:
  • got a bit blitzed the first night. Was comfortably number by 2:30
  • Table 16. This is a who story in its own right. Those G-Vegas boys know how to make a poker game a blast. It was like playing in their home game.
  • The Mark. Thanks for paying off my quad deuces.
  • Slow rolling the Mark on those deuces. It was Iggy's idea and it was worth it just to hear the table erupt. Sorry man. No hard feelings?
  • Steel Panther. Great time as always. The playlist in Pauly style: Dr Feelgood> Youth Gone Wild> I Wanna Rock >Asian Hooker >Cherry Pie >Home Sweet Home> Satchel Solo >Every Rose Has it's Thorn >Lick it Up >Sweet Child o' Mine >Turn Out the Lights >Don't Stop Believing
  • Donk poker at GVR after the show. Watching Dr. Chako and Drizz battle it out for who had the most chips on the table. Bought in that is. Impressive Wall of Death by Chako.
  • Nice job by AlCantHang in the tournament. I think he is still on tilt because he didn't win it.
  • Watching Iggy eat food court calamari.
  • Watching the UFC fights with Iggy, Cali Jen, and Caity. Can't believe I was stupid enough to make bets on the Sanchez/Penn and Guida/Florian fights. Damn dogs could do nothing but get bloodied up.
  • If I don't go back to Palace Station again I will be happy.
  • Lagasse Stadium at the Palazzo was awesome. Nice job Venetian! I hope he did run the waitress ragged. She did one helluva job!
  • Hijinks at the Geisha bar, of course.
  • FeltingDoubling through CK (thanks for the correction) in a hit and run at the IP poker table. I did announce I was going to make one big move. Go long or go home. AJ dominates her A 4! Then others showed up and looked too serious. It was an easy decision to hit and run.
I was profitable until the final day once again. I should learn to never gamble on the day I am leaving. I never win. Never. So what had been up a couple hundred became down about a hundred. If I had all the money I spent on booze, food, and cabs I would have more than I left with. But the money spent on the booze was worth it. Can't say the same for the food as I ate a lot of crap. Did not have a good meal all weekend. Good company but not a great meal.

It was nice seeing everyone again as well as meeting some people for the first time. I am not going to name names because I don't want to leave anyone out. But you know who you are.

Is it wrong to watch this lady at the airport trying to buy something on eBay? You can't wait until you get home to buy that knick-knack?

I can't wait to read Derek's recap. It is among the best. Thanks again everyone at the Venetian, at PokerStars, and the staff at the Geisha bar. Hope to see you all again sooner rather than later.


SirFWALGMan said...

good to finally meet you

F-Train said...

you hit-and-run'ed CK. apparently you need to learn to do the same with vegas.

til next time!

BWoP said...


And for the record, you didn't felt me. I had you covered :-P

Of course you had to have the Asian Jew that hand . . .


BamBam said...

It was great to finally meet you.
You know who I am.


pokerpeaker said...

Thanks for lunch once again. It was a great way to get reabsorbed into the WPBT. :)

The Newspaper House said...

yay. love Dr Feelgood. Trailer bout film on them is awesome.

OhCaptain said...

It was cool to finally meet you. Steel Panther did rock! I should have pics up soon from that show.

smokkee said...

cya again next time.

goo Chargers!

Drizztdj said...

Next time I see Steel Panther I'd rather its not on the tail end of a 50+ hour Vegas bender.

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