Sunday, April 25, 2010

BBT5 Invite 2 lie blog

I have been drinking since noon today. The Brewers game as well as the whole series, has been one big abortion of baseball. So if I do something as silly as live blogging a tournament it won't make my weekend any worse. Hell, I might even play better. Hell, its not like anyone is going to read this as the tournament goes on.

Thanks once again to Al and Full Tilt Poker for allowing me to be an angry baseball drunk playing poker player. I hope I don't get too surly in the comments.

Game on! Jjok on my left. Fuck! Others at the table I recognize are ShabazzJenkins, NYRambler, Irongirl, and SmBoatDrinks. I am in the SB to start it off. Apolgies to no links but I haven't the mental capacity to take care of it at this time. Hell, I am hoping most of the players are not logged in.

KK back to back gets me nothing. Well, maybe a little respect as the BB comes along and everyone folds. Sigh. Lightning36 takes out Waffles. I feel like I should have those chips.

A call with A 8 in the BB gets me into a bit of trouble. An Ace high flop sees me trying to to trap my opponent. But I don't notice the 2 clubs on the board. A third club hits on the turn and Kat bets pot. Fug! I can't call that as it would leave me crippled.

I then get too froggy with JJ. A raise and call before me. I potted it and then saw Kat reraise it all in. FuG! I thought she was trying to scare everyone out with A K or A Q. I called to see Q Q. Damn. Game over.

Playing the loose aggressive game to start again. Its working as I pick off some blinds here and there. I still need a solid hand to propel me though. Now Daddy and PokerShrink have joined the table. Daddy is on my right and not playing. Maybe Dark Lord Day has taken his toll on him. I am glad he is not playing as he is a formidable player.

Lost my first real hand. K Q off no good. Raised and got a couple of callers. Should have bet the river. Then dropped more when I called from the BB with QJs. All red flop did nothing for me.

Table change. Now I am in trouble. BadBlood, Kat, Waffles, Lightning36, Columbo and cemfrmmd. This ain't good for me. I am drunkish and being a donk. Hopefully I can survive. Oh, and I really gotta pee.

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