Sunday, May 02, 2010

Payback is a bitch

Taking another crack at the Battle of the Blogger tournament on Full Tilt tonight but it isn't going good. I spent the first 30 minutes of the game searching for baseball tickets for a Brewers game in St. Louis. Thus I have little to talk about for that time span. I just know Maigrey was generous enough to stake me to a quickly 900 when my A Q stayed good with the Q high flop. From there I bled chips as I paid little attention to what was going on around me.

Then when Maigs got busted I was moved to a new table. They plopped me right in between Otis and Iggy. Oh boy! Will need to tread carefully.

I chip back up again burt then go on a slight bit of tilt. With 8 8 I raise from the button only to see the BB go all in. WTF? Why can't I have aces or kings when someone does that?

At the first break I am just north of 3500. I have noticed a problem with my game. I believe it to be a result of not playing much. I don't seem to have a plan. Making some loose calls and just trying to get lucky. Last time I checked that wasn't a way to win.

Well this post is going to hell. My friend calls to check on getting the tickets again. I end up not paying attention as I go through Stub Hub again. I dribble chips away. Once again the blinds come and go and I am finally given my chance. On the button I am dealt K K. After bitching about not getting a hand to fight with against someone who goes all in preflop in the BB, I now have to worry about him calling. I raise and he pushes. YES! A 7 and I need to dodge an A. I catch a K on the turn and fill up on the river. Finally!

Now I will probably lax off as I look at hotels. This should have been done weeks ago but he said he knew people and could find us a place to stay for free. I now realize he don't know jack.

Each time I take down a good pot I give it back with weak play. I am barely thinking about the hand I am let alone what I should do if I get called or raised. I sure am not in this game. Its the little moments where I focus that have me fooled.

Have I missed something? Is pushing to any raise preflop the thing to do now? I dumped A J because I am not sure what range they would be pushing with. If it had been the other one I probably would have called.

I can't believe my eyes. I get another chance to get back at a preflop monkey. I raise with AKs and it goes around to the BB. But they fold. Damn!

Blinds come around and I try to do some smaller raises. Now they fold to them. Hmm... maybe I have found the pattern. Not much has changed as we head into the second break. I am alive but that is a mere technicality. 37 out of 116 still banging heads though.

The highlight of the night is a hammer bluff. Min raise from MP and I call. He doesn't bet the flop so I figure I can bet half the pot on the turn cuz he is scared of the Ace on the board. Hammer bluffs feels good for 3 seconds. That's all.

I can feel the flame out coming. I can't stay above 4000 when the average is 11k. I am getting frustrated by my bad play. Going to be go long or go home soon. Wait, I am already home.

I keep pushing with my small stack from the BB with these pockets pairs. Can't get a call though. First time was AA, second was 88.

Blinds are 200/400 with an ante and I still need to do something. 88 again so I push. No callers. In the BB I get A 4 with Otis completing. Flop is A high and I bet 400. He calls. Turn is a second diamond. I feel I should bet pot or push here. Instead I bet 900 into 2000 and he calls. River is another diamond. He pushes. I feel I am screwed but he could be bluffing. He isn't. Funny thing I did that to him earlier in the game.

They are right. Payback is a bitch.

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