Sunday, May 09, 2010

F me!

I was still at a bar when my reminder on the phone went off. I hadn't expected to still be out at this time but I was having a good time. Watching baseball and drinking beer, hey I was in my zone. So I finally got home and started the BBT5 50 minutes late. That meant I was in a hole from the get go. I needed to make it up and quick. I needed to make sure I did it in a smart manner. Easier said than done.

I played one hand before the break and blew it. Made a loose call and folded with nothing. Right after the break I raised with KQs and had one caller. I had overcards and made the continuation bet. But the huge stack to my left went all in on a huge re-raise. Again, I hate this kind of play and had to fold. It was a good thing I got a beer during the break because i needed to keep my buzz going. Especially with the Spaceman on my right.

See, Jason was being aggressive. He has been on a good streak during the the Mini FTOPS making some money along the way. I am hoping to take advantage of it. So I raise with any decent hand I have. Not the best hands but good hands. That helps me get back to where we started.

From there I bounce around a bit. I feel good until I get kicked in the junk. With K K under the gun I raise. I get a raise immediately on my left. SWEEEEEET! I push and he calls showing A K. I should be gold here, right?

The flop is A A K. You have got to be kidding me! Really? I go straight from having hope to getting back into the game to consulting a ball doctor. So not right.

Time to drown my sorrows in alcohol.

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