Sunday, May 23, 2010

Closing time BBT5

Last BBT5 freeroll is on. I have Full Tilt pros at my table. Plus there two other guys they know. I am thinking this could be a rough one.

Now that I take a look, I see there are 8 Full Tilt pros in the tourney. I have 2 at my table but neither is Michael Buffer? What a rip off!

I am not hitting any flops early on. Getting a couple small pairs or AJ. Only pot I drag is with a raise of A 7 spades and the flop is A high but all clubs. Otherwise I am not getting close to having a solid hand.

There have been a lot of suited flops. I am tempted to start playing any two suited.

I finally win a nice sized pot. With A Qo I raised from the SB when it folded around. To my surprise, DDyonysus raised me back. I wonder if he thinks I was stealing? I just called. Flop is all low, with 2 hearts. I checked. He checked as well. The turn was 10 spades. Now there were two spades and two hearts out there. I bet just under half the pot an was called. The river was the Q of hearts. Seeing that I had just over the pot I pushed. If he had some hearts he would have bet. He folded and it was shipped to me.

From there I go back to calling with pairs and folding to flop bets. That will need to change if I am going to do anything.

That may be some bad advice. I called a raise from the BB with K Js. Flop is all one suit but hearts. I have spades. It is K high so I check with the intention to call a bet and make a move on the turn. But the pro just checks. Turn pairs the board with 7s. I bet half the pot and get called. River is a rag so I bet about 2/3 of the pot. I really don't want a call because that means he has A K. Sure enough he does call and show A K. That sucks. I lost half my stack there.

Soon I would donk out when I tried to make a play with A Q. I ran in to KK and couldn't be like every other player that sucks out an ace.

Thanks again to Al and Full Tilt for setting up the BBT5. Good luck to everyone in the tournament of champions.

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