Monday, June 14, 2010

Leave them alone

I was hoping ck would take the time to post her thoughts on the WSOP Ladies Event from Friday. I had been following her comments on Twitter about how Harrah's personnel were looking to harass men who signed up for the event. I was away for the weekend and missed the majority of articles that came out since.

I like ck's point of view. Today, there is little reason to separate the men from the women. She knows that first hand when she yell "nut nut" at me and scoops my chips into her stack. Do some of the men signing up for the event think they have an easier field to navigate?

My opinion on this hullabaloo is simple. Guys, don't be dicks and sign up for a ladies event. If a special event is set up for the women or for the seniors, let them play. Don't crash their party. If this is the only way you can sit close to someone from the opposite sex then go hang out at the hooker bar. Your $1000 will get you a better all in than it will at the table.

That is part of the problem with the world today. Too many people protesting. The world would be a better place if we stopped pissing in someone else's cornflakes. You do not have to agree with an event, but don't go and make noise and a spectacle of yourself.

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